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作者 webmaster 於 2010年07月23日 19:50:00 (61244 次閱讀)
XOOPS 2.4.5 Final Release

The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.4.5 Final.

This release is mainly for bugfixes and cleaning up conflicts in previous 2.4 series.
Some features including tinyMCE/ckeditor editors are improved.
Please check changlog for details.

Some known issues will be addressed in XOOPS 2.4.6, which is very likely the last version in XOOPS 2.4 series mainly for code cleaning up.

Download from Sourceforge repository.
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 作者 於 2010年06月19日 15:00:00 (20990 次閱讀)
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作者 webmaster 於 2010年04月21日 16:30:42 (10665 次閱讀)
打開終端機 su - (輸入root密碼) vi /etc/pam.d/gdm 第三行改成 # auth required pam succeed user != root quiet (多加#註解掉這一行) vi /etc/pam.d/gdm-password 第二行改成 # auth required pam succeed user != root quiet reboot (重新開機)
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作者 webmaster 於 2010年01月01日 16:00:00 (31645 次閱讀)
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new release of the #1 CMS System hosted on SourceForge - XOOPS 2.4.3 Final is available for download.

This release is a bugfix-release of XOOPS 2.4.2, done by XOOPS Core Development Team and XOOPS community:

Updates upon community:
- Added: Ability to assign display elements to a specific group of users (ghia)
- Added: Smarty variable for xoops avatar (kris fr/trabis)
- Added: Cache supported functions: xoops getActiveModules(), xoops setActiveModules(), xoops isActiveModule() (trabis)
- Added: XoopsMailer - Adding method to set 'allow html' parameter (Wishcraft)
- Improved: Preloads are only loaded for modules installed and active, this will reduce queries and improve performance (trabis)
- Fixed : XoopsLoad class (xoops calendar not found and other issues) (trabis)
- Fixed : Database images not loading when using php 5.3 (trabis)
- Fixed : Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in PM module (trabis/
- Fixed : SQL Injection vulnerability in kernel/notification.php (trabis/

Updates from Sourceforge trackers:
- Fixed bug #2917631 : Double frame around BBcode quotes in zetagenesis (kris fr/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2923867 : Website Row is displayed even value is empty (trabis/maxxy)
- Fixed bug #2909312 : Layout of XoopsForms is changed (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2904777 : preload including not installed module's preloads (trabis/bandit-x)
- Fixed bug #2908887 : User can not select system avatars (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2911944 : Users can see other users profile in edit profile (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2910495 : BBcode code tag handles code worse than quote tag (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2914175 : code tags translate to double tags and alter first line (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2915970 : Banner white page on IE (trabis/ghia)

Added Language defines:
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO LOGIN DATA
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO REFERER
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO ID
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作者 webmaster 於 2009年09月04日 15:00:00 (10599 次閱讀)
開放手機聯盟 (Open Handset Alliance) 是由超過 30 家科技與行動電話公司所組成的團體,該團體正在研發 Android,這是第一個完整、開放且免費的行動電話平台。為了協助開發人員開始開發新的應用程式,推出 「Android 軟體開發套件」。 入門指南 瞭解 Android 下載 SDK 加入社群。透過電子郵件或網路參相關網上論壇。
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作者 webmaster 於 2009年08月31日 10:23:14 (10280 次閱讀)

作者 webmaster 於 2000年11月10日 19:00:00 (12215 次閱讀)
教授說:我出一道題,你若不知,給我5元, 如果你出一道題,我若不知,給你500元如何? 農民同意。
農民問:上山三條腿,下山四條腿,是什麼動物? 教授苦思無解,無奈給農民500元。
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