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作者 webmaster 於 2010年04月21日 16:30:42 (10424 次閱讀)
打開終端機 su - (輸入root密碼) vi /etc/pam.d/gdm 第三行改成 # auth required pam succeed user != root quiet (多加#註解掉這一行) vi /etc/pam.d/gdm-password 第二行改成 # auth required pam succeed user != root quiet reboot (重新開機)
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作者 webmaster 於 2010年01月01日 16:00:00 (30370 次閱讀)
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new release of the #1 CMS System hosted on SourceForge - XOOPS 2.4.3 Final is available for download.

This release is a bugfix-release of XOOPS 2.4.2, done by XOOPS Core Development Team and XOOPS community:

Updates upon community:
- Added: Ability to assign display elements to a specific group of users (ghia)
- Added: Smarty variable for xoops avatar (kris fr/trabis)
- Added: Cache supported functions: xoops getActiveModules(), xoops setActiveModules(), xoops isActiveModule() (trabis)
- Added: XoopsMailer - Adding method to set 'allow html' parameter (Wishcraft)
- Improved: Preloads are only loaded for modules installed and active, this will reduce queries and improve performance (trabis)
- Fixed : XoopsLoad class (xoops calendar not found and other issues) (trabis)
- Fixed : Database images not loading when using php 5.3 (trabis)
- Fixed : Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in PM module (trabis/
- Fixed : SQL Injection vulnerability in kernel/notification.php (trabis/

Updates from Sourceforge trackers:
- Fixed bug #2917631 : Double frame around BBcode quotes in zetagenesis (kris fr/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2923867 : Website Row is displayed even value is empty (trabis/maxxy)
- Fixed bug #2909312 : Layout of XoopsForms is changed (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2904777 : preload including not installed module's preloads (trabis/bandit-x)
- Fixed bug #2908887 : User can not select system avatars (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2911944 : Users can see other users profile in edit profile (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2910495 : BBcode code tag handles code worse than quote tag (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2914175 : code tags translate to double tags and alter first line (trabis/ghia)
- Fixed bug #2915970 : Banner white page on IE (trabis/ghia)

Added Language defines:
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO LOGIN DATA
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO REFERER
- language/english/banners.php  BANNERS NO ID
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作者 webmaster 於 2009年09月04日 15:00:00 (10280 次閱讀)
開放手機聯盟 (Open Handset Alliance) 是由超過 30 家科技與行動電話公司所組成的團體,該團體正在研發 Android,這是第一個完整、開放且免費的行動電話平台。為了協助開發人員開始開發新的應用程式,推出 「Android 軟體開發套件」。 入門指南 瞭解 Android 下載 SDK 加入社群。透過電子郵件或網路參相關網上論壇。
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作者 webmaster 於 2009年08月31日 10:23:14 (10058 次閱讀)

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