平鎮公司外觀 文網網頁設計公司 CHCCD Design Co. Ltd.

有別於其他網頁設計公司,文網於2007年起,專注於FLASH動畫設計與技術研發及轉移,並於2008年最後一季採用FLASH CS4,將相量級的3D動畫導入網頁內容中,並將服務版圖擴張至海外區域,而目前佶晟貿易為本公司最大股東。


CHCCD Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, and started to Design, develop and produce the CMS System since then.

CHCCD has worked with hundreds of clients, including corporations, individual professionals, non-profit groups, businesses of all size, government contractors, IT firms, and advertising agencies.

We have developed a high-tech, high-security company that allows us to work on government and business projects that require the greatest security and the most innovation. Many of our clients recommend us to their colleagues and send us letters of praise and thanks. We appreciate every feedback - it feels great to know that we are making a big difference in business lives.

Our team has made a commitment to not do business "as usual". CHCCD was created on the idea of creating holistic, interactive solutions - solutions that integrate with brand identity, solutions that take services from idea to final product, and solutions that marry creativity and technology seamlessly.

We'd had enough of technically brilliant but bland marketing. We'd had enough of web sites that in no way reflected a company's true message. We were tired of seeing marketing products that didn’t fit into a business’s larger marketing strategies. More importantly, the companies and businesses -our clients- were sick of the same things.